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Harnessing Migration for Climate Resilience: A Case for Robust Policies in South Asia

By Purnima Joshi
Migration has been an intrinsic part of human history, driven by factors such as climate shifts, economic opportunities, conflict, and societal changes. South Asia, home to the first human settlers out-of-Africa, is a densely populated sub-region occupying 3% of the world’s total area housing 21% of the world’s ..

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Inadequacy of the newly operationalised Loss and Damage Fund a Huge Disappointment for South Asia

By Rushati Das
I remember the historic high note on which COP27 at Sharm El-Sheikh concluded with the last-minute establishment of the Loss and Damage Fund, last year.

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World Wakes Up to Climate Migration

By Harjeet Singh
Millions of people worldwide are being displaced by natural disasters triggered partially by climate change, and the international community is finally taking steps to mitigate the suffering.

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Climate Migration – Reality That Cannot be Ignored

By Santosh Patnaik
In 1971, a cyclone strikes Bagapatia, a village close to Bay of Bengal in Kendrapada district in Odisha. The residents, mostly farmers were caught unaware of its ferocity and intensity.

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Glacial Lake Threatens Sikkim’s Heritage Village

By Shailendra Yashwant
From mosquitoes, to failed crops, to a bulging glacial lake, Lachen, a picture postcard village high up the Himalayas, is threatened in all sorts of ways.

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Smallholder Farmers Vulnerable to Climate Change

By Vositha Wijenayake
Sri Lanka and its people are feeling impacts of climate change. With changes in rain intensity, floods and with slow onset impacts of climate change such as droughts, as well as increased temperature levels

Communicating “Extreme Weather” in Sri Lanka

By Senashia Ekanayake
Sri Lanka does not have one too many disasters. There are those that pass by, but for most of the part, we are on the safe side of things and probably have one colossal calamity once a decade.

Workshop on Capacity Building of Policymakers & Practitioners on Loss and Damage Related to Slow-Onset Events

By Bhagya Wickramasinghe
This week of September is a key week which addresses world’s development agenda and the ways to move forward in addressing the grave impacts of climate change, termed as loss and damage under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Addressing Loss and Damage with a Gender Lens

By Vositha Wijenayake
Various research on climate change has illustrated that men and women are affected differently by the impacts of climate change. It is further noted that they respond differently to these impacts.

Addressing Loss and Damage and Climate Displacement in South Asia

By Vositha Wijenayake and Vidya Nathaniel
Despite both mitigation and adaptation efforts, it is now widely recognised that residual negative climate change impacts, or loss and damage, cannot be fully avoided[1]  increasing the need to focus on addressing climate change.

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