CAN South Asia Quarterly Newsletter for January – March 2024

Dear Friends, 2023 was the hottest year on the planet, and 2024 threatens to be even warmer. Now more than ever, climate action on all key fronts – mitigation, adaptation, and disaster risk reduction – needs to be accelerated.  Our collective advocacy efforts and direct interventions on the ground have certainly helped but clearly they […]

Climate Change and Urban Resilience in Nepal: Looking through the Lens of Urban Poor
Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) & CANSA

Download Here While Nepal is one of the least urbanized countries, it is ranked among the rapidly urbanizing countries in South Asia. It has witnessed a dramatic rise in urban population from 17.07 percent to 66.08 percent. Critical drivers of rural migration include unemployment, access to quality education for the children, access to health facilities, […]

QoC-CANSA Fellowship 2023-2024

Download Here The volume is a glimpse into the collaborative effort to tell stories of climate change and cities from countries across South Asia, a continuing exercise that brought environmentalists, researchers, architects, media persons and facilitators together in early 2023. Each story or essay here, published to wide acclaim over this year in the online […]

District Climate Resilience Plan Barwani

English Version Hindi Version Climate change is a cross-cutting theme that needs to be addressed through analysis of risks and opportunities it poses for all sectors. Policies, plans, and programmes need careful appraisal and modification to include climate change considerations. Though climate change is a global phenomenon, its impacts are manifested at the local level […]

District Climate Resilience Plan Khandwa

English Version PDF Hindi Version

District Climate Resilience Plan Damoh

Download Here India is a federation with extreme diversity across districts in natural resource endowments, poverty incidence, development gains and potential for growth. Accordingly, the role of district administration is to apply customised development models as per local context. Local government and decentralised planning are the avowed Indian mechanisms and strategy, respectively, as per 73rd […]

Promoting Green Resilient and Inclusive Cities in South Asia

Extreme weather events, such as coastal and inland flooding, heatwaves, droughts and wildfires, are increasing in frequency and magnitude, and gradual changes in sea levels and temperatures are projected to have (and are already having) adverse effects on city systems. Some systems are directly impacted by climate change events, for example, roads being flooded, whilst […]

Regional Report on: “Climate Change Ambition in South Asia and COVID-19 Recovery Affecting the Nationally Determined Contributions of South Asian Countries”

Download Here The Paris Agreement envisages NDCs actions incrementally to build resilience and raise ambitions to address climate impacts across the globe. Consistent local implementation of NDCs is crucial to fill the large gap between the climate targets and the fair share of the Parties. However, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the global and national focus away from […]

Climate Action in Kerala – Examples of Good Practices

Download Here Of all the states in the country, Kerala has to be particularly vigilant against the potential harmful impacts of climate change. Yet, there have been excellent initiatives, some of them were facilitated by NGOs like Thanal and some of them pushed with far-sight by public agencies like KSEBL, ANERT, Cochin International Airport and […]

Next Generation Low Carbon, Climate Resilient Eco-Village Development in South Asia

Following five years of cooperation, and much longer individual experiences, the project takes Eco-Village Development concept to new areas and on new levels for wider implementation. The project seeks to maximize results in the intervention area by combining local activities with capacity building to involve more actors, and with advocacy to increase political support, nationally […]

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